What Do the Different Styles of American Legion Garrison Caps Mean?


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American Legion caps typically contain lettering that identifies the state or region, and an insignia, or image, for that state. The color of the cap is determined by the type of cap being ordered. For example: a national cap is red, while a state cap is blue.

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The American Legion caps also feature the American Legion emblem and embroidered lettering to identify to which Legion the wearer belongs. The regional options are national, department, district, county, city, and state. Each of these corresponds to a different color cap. According to the American Legion Flag & Emblem ordering page there are three crown styles: the traditional, the Fort Knox, and the Ladies crown. The right side of the cap contains only the number of the member's American Legion post, while the left side contains an emblem, regional identification, and in the case of most states a mandatory state insignia. Though the American Legion represents all branches of the military, the caps themselves do not distinguish between the different branches. Many members will add pins to their caps to reflect their branch or their service accomplishments, but these are ways for members to personalize their caps, and are not features of the caps themselves.

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