What Are the Different Mustache Styles?


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There are several different and distinct styles of mustaches, which include Chevron, Dali, English, Horseshoe and Imperial. Different mustache styles emerged from around the world throughout the course of history, and vary in shape and design. Some mustaches are thick and bushy while others are thin and wispy, and may form arcs or have small curls at the ends.

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What Are the Different Mustache Styles?
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The Chevron mustache is characterized by a thick and chunky appearance. This mustache generally covers the area of skin between the nostrils and the upper lip, and may cover the skin on the upper lip, leaving only the lower lip visible when mustache wearers have their mouths closed.

The Dali mustache derives its name from the signature mustache sported by legendary artist Salvador Dali. This mustache, in contrast to the Chevron, is relatively long and thin, and has accentuated narrow points that curve gently upwards.

The English mustache, like the Dali, is relatively long and thin. However, while the Chevron and Dali mustaches form a single straight line across the upper lip, the English mustache is separated into two equal parts, which separate just above the middle crease in the upper lip. This mustache style features long whiskers that form along the sides of the mustache center.

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