What are some different hairstyles that use braids?


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Total Beauty lists 15 braided hairstyles that are very popular and easy to achieve. The styles are broken down into categories and include the Venice Hippie style, the Bohemian Princess, the Rapunzel Chignon and more.

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What are some different hairstyles that use braids?
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The Venice Hippie style is a side-braided ponytail suitable for wavy or curly hair, and is a messy, relaxed look. The Bohemian Princess is smooth up-do, best for wavy or curly hair, and utilizes two French braids braided along the natural part, then pulled back into a bun at the nape of the neck. The Around the World style is what most call the Milk Maid up-do. It's best for wavy or straight hair, and consists of pigtail rope braids wrapped around the crown of the head.

The Opening Day Buns style is a casual way to dress up wavy or straight hair into pigtails by wrapping them into buns at the nape of the neck. The Breeze is a half-up casual style for any hair type, with one small braid from each side of the head that is pulled back into a half ponytail. The Rapunzel Chignon is a polished up-do, best for thick hair, which takes low French braided pigtails and wraps them around each other in the back. The Safari Fishtail is a messy fishtail for straight or wavy hair with braided pigtails that are joined into one ponytail.

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