What Are Some Different Dreadlock Styles for Men?


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Popular dreadlock styles include the spiky look or a mohawk for short dreadlocks; zigzag pattern and ring decorations for medium-length dreadlocks; and using a bandanna or a ribbon to tie back longer dreadlocks, according to Men's Hairstyles Club. These styles are adaptable for thin hair dreads or thick hair dreads,

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For men with short dreadlocks, a little deadlock wax and, if necessary, holding wax is all that is needed to create spiky look or a mohawk. For men with medium-length dreadlocks, the zigzag style helps keep dreads away from the face. Tying the dread strands together with one strand is also another option for medium-length dreads. For long dreads, tying back is the best option for formal or semi-formal occasions.

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