How Do You Do Different Braids?

How Do You Do Different Braids?

To braid hair into a fishtail, prepare the hair, pull it back into a ponytail, and divide the ponytail into two even segments. Alternate weaving small strands of hair into the middle of the ponytail, secure the end with a hair tie, cut the elastic away and loosen the braid.

  1. Prepare the hair

    Wash your hair as usual, and blow dry your hair completely. If you have curly hair, dry it straight for a smoother fishtail.

  2. Pull the hair back

    Pull the hair into a ponytail either in the back or off to one side. Secure the ponytail with a hair tie you don't mind cutting later.

  3. Start the fishtail braid

    Split the ponytail into two even sections. Separate a small strand of hair from the outer edge of the left section, and pull it into the middle, between the two sections of hair.

  4. Continue the weave

    Separate a similar-sized strand of hair from the outer edge of the right section. The strands should be about the same size to maintain the symmetry of the braid. Pull it across into the middle, overlapping the original strand.

  5. Weave the hair

    Grip the two sections of hair, and pull apart to tighten the weave. Pick up a small strand from the left, and overlap it. Continue alternating strands and tightening the weave for the entire length of the ponytail.

  6. Secure and finish the braid

    Once you've reached the bottom of the ponytail, secure it with a hair tie or barrette. Carefully cut the top hair tie out of the hair. Gently loosen the fishtail with your fingers.