What Are Some Different Atomic Watches?


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The Seiko Astron Collection features numerous models of watches using atomic time-keeping. Casio also makes several atomic watches, such as the PRWS6000Y, the PRW3000-4B and the PRW6000Y-1A, all part of the Casio PRO TREK collection as of 2015. Citizen calls its atomic watch collection “Citizen Atomic Timekeeping.” Silicon Scientific sells the Digital Atomic Watch, a budget item using atomic technologies.

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The SSE039, the SSE065 and the SSE041 are all part of the Seiko Astron range. These watches receive signals from the atomic clocks located in each GPS satellite. PRO TREK is the name of Casio’s atomic watch collection that includes models such as the PRW3000-4B and the PRW3000-1A with multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping technology. La Crosse Technology sells the WT-981C, a casual watch with a nylon sports band and atomic timekeeping.

Heartland America is a company that sells a budget model called the Silicon Scientific Digital Atomic Watch as of 2015. The wristwatch is water resistant and comes with an automatic U.S. time zone switch feature.

Germany-based company Junghans made the first ever atomic watch, which was released to the public in 1990. It was called the “Mega 1” and used to receive signals from an already-existing atomic clock in Frankfurt.

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