What Are Some Different Afro Twist Hairstyles?


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Multicolored twists and a casual scarf updo are examples of Afro twist hairstyles. Other hairstyles women with Afro twists can wear include a half updo and full updos with topknots and braids.

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One creative style for Afro twists is adding another color. Instead of making all the twists black, the stylist adds some blond or other colored pieces. A casual style for twists involves pulling half the twists into a loose bun on top of the head and tying a scarf around it.

The half updo style has the hair partially pulled back and up. The stylist first creates a thick braid out of half of the twists and then wraps it around the head like a crown. The side and back twists hang free.

A braided topknot is similar. The stylist takes the front and crown twists and creates a huge braid before wrapping it into a knot on top of the head. The back twists become two braids. Another version of this has the front twists wrapped into a top knot at the front of the head. The back twists are in a high ponytail.

Afro twists can also become a full braided updo. For this look, stylists start with a high ponytail comprised of most of the twists. They make eight braids out of the ponytail and twirl each into a bun. The front twists get braided and curled into a topknot.

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