What Is the Difference in Shaving Cream Vs. Soap?

Shaving soap resembles a bar of soap and is what was traditionally used when shaving. Shaving cream is basically a lathered version of the soap that comes in a gel or foam form, often in an aerosol can.

Shaving soap is whipped to the consistency preferred by the shaver and offers more control for the user because it has slicker texture. It should be used by individuals with more experience in wet shaving. Shaving soap is considered more cost-effective because it lasts longer than shaving cream. There are two types of shaving soap. Glycerin soap is soap that has not been milled and is usually fragrant. Triple-milled soap is a shaving soap that has been ground, heated and cooled three times. This process tends to make it harder and longer-lasting than glycerin soap. Its hardness also makes it more difficult to build up a lather sufficient for shaving.

Shaving cream is already lathered for the individual. Shaving cream also offers better protection when shaving. The traditional cream is water-soluble and can be stored as a cream. Pressurized shaving cream is similar to traditional creams but is stored in an aerosol can, just like shaving gels. These are popular because of their convenience, but the chemicals included in them can lead to rough, irritated skin.