What Is the Difference Between a Sport Coat Vs. a Blazer?


Sport coats are solid in color and often have metal buttons, while blazers are patterned with contrasting buttons. Both sport coats and blazers are often confused with suit jackets, which are solid with tonal buttons and are usually worn with matching suit trousers.

Suit jackets are commonly made out of mercerized wool, giving them a smooth texture. Sport coats and blazers, on the other hand, have a fuller texture and are often worn with jeans. Sport coats, also known as sports jackets, tweed jackets and tweed coats, have a similar cut to suit jackets but are less formal than both suit jackets and blazers. Sport coats are commonly made of corduroy, suede, denim, leather or tweed and, along with blazers, are designed to be worn on their own and not as part of a suit. Originally, sport coats were worn for hunting and other outdoor sports, but now they are more often worn for occasions that call for somewhat formal attire.

Blazers are worn over anything from a shirt and tie to an open-neck polo shirt. They are seen with trousers of all colors and styles, from classic white cotton to linen. A lot of times, blazers are worn as part of school uniforms.