What Is the Difference Between Levi 505 and 501 Jeans?

Levi 505 jeans have a zipper fly front, and 501 jeans have a button fly front. Both jean styles are straight leg and sit at the waist. The 505 style is more generous in the hip and thigh area, while the 501 style is straight from hip to thigh.

Levi 501 jeans are available in 34 different colors and assorted fabrics. The 505 style is only available in 16 different colors and fabrics. Both 501 and 505 jeans are available in big and tall sizes. The shrink-to-fit fabrication is only available in the 501 style. The 501 style also features a customized tapered model, which is designed to be worn in different fashion trends according to which size is purchased.