What Is the Difference Between the Betula and the Birkenstock?

Betula is a brand within the Birkenstock family. Some of the Betula shoe models incorporate the Birkenstock contoured footbed. Betula focuses on providing affordable footwear in a wide range of styles and colors.

Birkenstock is a family business dating back to 1774, with shoemaker Johann Adam Birkenstock. Johann's grandson Konrad invented the Birkenstock footbed, which is contoured to conform to the shape of the foot. In 1964, Karl Birkenstock built a shoe around the footbed. Margot Fraser brought Birkenstock shoes to the United States from Germany after she discovered them during a spa visit. Birkenstock shoes, normally worn as house slippers in Germany, were adopted as casual wear by the young of the 1960s and by people required to stand for long periods at work.

In the 1990s, teens and college students once again adopted Birkenstock shoes for casual wear. Christian Birkenstock founded Betula in 1994. Birkenstock granted Betula the license to produce shoes with the Birkenstock footbed. Betula footwear is designed to provide a roomy fit, which can prevent the formation of bunions. Betula produces footwear to suit different occasions, including clogs, bath sandals and warm house slippers. As of 2014, Betula sells its shoes on five continents and focuses on adding new styles to its collection monthly.