How Did Todd Thompson Get Into Fashion?

According to, Thompson began establishing a career as a fashion designer after moving to California with his ex-wife. Thompson later went on to become a successful fashion designer for Anthropologie. Not much more information is provided online explaining exactly how Thompson became involved with fashion as of 2015.

As of early 2015, Thompson’s estimated net worth is $15 million from his fashion career and being married to famous chef Giada De Laurentiis --he is perhaps most famous for his marriage to Laurrentiis. In September 2015, the couple's divorce became finalized, and reports claim the couple didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement. The couple now shares joint custody of their daughter, with Laurentiis paying Thompson $9,000 a month in child support. According to People Magazine, Laurentiis is also required to spilt 50 percent of the profits from her cookbooks with Thompson.

Anthropologie is a multi-channel lifestyle brand with over 200 stores worldwide. The company offers a variety of items to its customers, such as women’s apparel and home furnishings. Its stores also host various special events throughout the year, including fashion shows and do-it-yourself workshops. The company’s website receives over 10 million visits monthly, and more than four million fans visit its social media accounts daily.