What Did Teenagers Wear in the 1950s?

Common clothing for teenage girls in the 1950s included dress flats or high-heeled shoes, circle skirts that came to a below-knee length or tea length with starched petticoats underneath and well-pressed button-down shirts or sweaters tucked in paired with a narrow belt. Teenage boys wore dress pants with blazers and a button-down shirt with a narrow tie. Suede shoes were also common for teenage boys.

Other types of teenage styles in the 1950s included the teddy boys, beatniks and dudes. Teddy boys were teenage boys who slicked back their hair, wore a knee-length wool coat that had velvet or satin cuffs and lapels and slim fitting drainpipe trousers. Beatnik girls wore a chunky sweater with a pencil skirt or pants with stirrups. Black was a favorite color of the beatnik girl. Dudes were commonly American teenage boys who wore very white socks and buckskin shoes with a five-button jacket, pants with pleats at the waist and turned-up cuffs. The 1950s was the first time that the word "teenagers" was used and that this age group had its own style, fashion and products developed specifically for them. The clothes for teenagers in the 1950s began to show the age group's sense of self and of style.