How Did the Pink Ladies From "Grease" Wear Their Makeup?

In the film “Grease,” the Pink Ladies wore sultry makeup characterized by defined brows and bold lips. Beauty World News recommends going for “high arched brows, cat-eyed eyeliner, smoky eye shadows, coats of mascara, [and] scarlet red lips” to achieve the signature look. The site suggests opting for a glamorous makeup style that focuses on the eyes and lips to duplicate the Pink Ladies' look.

The Pink Ladies' look also requires big hair. The perm look, or ultra-curly hair, was a popular retro look used in “Grease.” Beauty World News tell those wishing to achieve a similar aesthetic appeal to “simply curl and tease hair to get the same full, voluminous effect, finishing with hair spray to set. For short hair, keep it wavy and soft with a scarf tied around [the] head, a la Rizzo and Frenchie style. For long hair, add waves and place in a high ponytail with a colorful ribbon.”

As seen on Clothes On Film, the Pink Ladies kept their eyes and lips neutral during school scenes. The makeup art in the film features a bold lip and smoky eye during outings. The makeup look is completed with a piece of bubblegum to fully achieve signature Pink Lady swagger. According to Clothes on Film, over 100,000 sticks of bubblegum were used during the filming of “Grease.”