What Did People Wear in 1963?


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Outfits were very diverse in 1963, ranging from conservative, elegant and proper clothing to the bikini. Petticoats, girdles, pencil skirts and pants were the trend in sporting events or at schools. Bouffant dresses and beatnik were also widely in demand for women. The bikini became highly fashionable thanks to "Beach Party," a musical hit at the time.

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Rich in various kinds of extreme fashion, the 1960s is viewed as a decade of contrasting style senses. Initially, people used classic outfits that were accessorized with an excellent imitation or genuine jewelry. Three-quarter sleeves and pant suits were the norm. However, women also began using miniskirts with colorful tights during this time. The Beatles made their entire look famous, especially the mop top hair style.

False eyelashes also became popular to match psychedelic prints and mismatched patterns. The hippie movement was instrumental in the rise of bell-bottom jeans, batik and tie-dye fabrics.

Famous icons that set certain fashion trends include Mary Quant, who created the mini-skirt, and Jacqueline Kennedy, who launched the pillbox hat. The Mods, as the London Modernists were often referred to, also set fast changes in the fashion of young men in Great Britain. This caused designers to produce the clothes that increased awareness and sales in the latest fashion trends.

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