What Did People Dress Like in the '70s?

The clothing of the 1970s placed an emphasis on individual style and expression. Clothing was bolder and more radical than in previous decades. There are three dominant styles of the 1970s: the continuation of the hippie style, the beginning of punk and disco.

The hippie style of the late '60s continued into the 1970s. Bell-bottoms, pants that flare at the bottom, were especially popular. Another hippie-inspired style was printed clothing. Exotic tribal prints and flower prints were common on dresses and shirts. Suede and cotton were popular fabrics, and many suede pieces were decorated with fringe. Makeup was light and natural looking.

After 1975, the disco style began to replace the hippie look. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester became commonplace. Men and women wore tight, button-down shirts with large flared collars. The most popular pants styles were either tight bell-bottoms or baggy trousers. A distinctive disco trend was the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits were often made of polyester. They had large collars and prominent pockets.

Punk fashion was a significant fashion trend in the 1970s that had a major impact on the future of fashion. Punk fashion started in 1976. It included short spiky hair, piercings, T-shirts and leather jackets. Punks also preferred dramatic and dark makeup styles, which would profoundly influence makeup trends in the following decades.