What Did Men Wear to Formal Events in the 1920s?


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In the 1920s, men wore tuxedos, jackets with tails, vests and pleated pants to very formal events. Some men preferred dressing down for less-formal events, though this meant white or pastel classic dress shirts, a tie or ascot, trim jackets and pleated pants.

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At the dawn of the 1920s, men wore sacque suits to all but the more formal occasions. This traditional suit had a four-button high-neck coat and straight-legged pants. Most men wore starched, long-sleeved white shirts with this suit, and some wore vests as well.

During very formal evening events, men wore starched white shirts with high collars and a bow tie, and their coats always had tails. At less-formal events, or those that took place in the late afternoon, some men preferred wearing more conservative suits. These suits had tightly fitted jackets with a high waist and narrow shoulders. Slim wool coats became fashionable in the 1920s, though many men still wore a heavy fur coat on top of their wool coat.

While most men in the 1920s wore black patent leather shoes to formal events, some fashion-forward men paired tuxedos with wingtip shoes, a nod to the dawning jazz age. As the 1930s neared, most men wore three-piece suits only to very formal events, favoring instead narrow-cut lounge suits and a simple tie.

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