Where Did Makeup Come From?

did-makeup-come Credit: Tom Merton/Caiaimage/Getty Images

According to You Beauty, the first records of makeup come from Ancient Egypt and Sumerian tombs, dating as far back as 3500 B.C. They used soot and other natural ingredients with specialized tools to alter the appearances of their faces.

The origin of makeup dates back throughout the first Egyptian dynasty, claims Cosmetics Info. Egyptians used scented oils and creams to mask bodily scents and as part of their hygiene. They also used various oils to protect their skin from the hot sun and dry winds. According to Cosmetics Info, the Egyptians would also line their eyes with kohl - a combination of burnt almonds, oxidized copper, different colored coppers, lead, ash and ochre. Women of Egypt would carry cosmetics with them to parties in cosmetic boxes and keep them under their chairs. Around 3000 B.C., cosmetics were used in the Chinese culture to stain their fingernails with gum arabic, gelatin, beeswax and eggs. The colors used represented the social class in Chinese culture. Grecian women also started painting their faces around this time and would use white lead and crushed mulberries as rouge. The application of fake eyebrows made from oxen hair was also a fashion trend with Grecian women, states Cosmetic Info.