What Did Grease Girls Wear in the 50s?

In the 50s, grease girls wore cashmere sweaters and poodle skirts or pedal pushers. Pedal pushers are pants that end at the knees. They also wore scarves around their necks.

Women also wore bobby socks, which are short socks that are folded over. They wore these socks with flats or saddle shoes. Saddle shoes are two-tone shoes, predominately black and white.

Other items that were worn with frequency were black leather jackets or a boy's letterman sweater. Wearing this sweater signified to others that you and he were dating. A tight-fitting denim jacket could also complete the 50s outfit. If the pants did not have the correct hem length, women rolled them up to reach the desired level. In addition to the poodle skirt, women also wore thigh length, tight skirts. If a women wore a poodle skirt, they often wore petticoats underneath to make the skirt flouncy.

Accessories were also a big part of the women's look in the 50s. From scarves knotted around their necks or tied in their hair to homemade charm bracelets, accessories helped to complete the look. Women also donned large sunglasses in many shapes. Many of these clothing and accessory choices are still available for women to wear.