What Did Girls Wear in the 1970s?


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A lot of different styles were popular with girls in the '70s, with polyester fabric, bright colors, loud patterns and longer skirts most notable among them. Many fashions from the '60s carried over into the new decade. However, fashions in the '70s tended to be brighter and more colorful than the ones that had come before.

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Paisley, floral and plaid were all popular in the first half of the decade. Additionally, after several years of the miniskirt being the hemline of choice, skirts suddenly got longer. The midi skirt, which reached to below the knee, appeared in 1970. Along with a move toward layers and longer sleeves, 1970s fashions for girls showed less skin than in years previous. However, this was not a universal rule because it was in 1971 that hot pants first appeared on the fashion scene.

In the latter half of the decade, disco fashions became popular. These included bell-bottom pants, jumpsuits and metallic fabrics. Once again, these styles did not show a lot of bare skin, but they tended to fit very close against the body. Outside of the disco, plaid became popular and a lot of girls experimented with rugged looks inspired by Western fashions.

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