What Did Girls Wear in the 1950s?

Girls in the 1950s primarily wore dresses of various types for most functions and dungarees when lounging about the house or playing outside. Skirts and dresses were the most acceptable form of dress for girls and women of all ages. Wearing pants was not a common thing at this point in time.

Dresses and skirts remained the most popular and common style of dress for girls and women in the 1950s. Girls wore dresses or skirts to school, to parties and for everyday life outside the house. A popular style at the time for teens was the jumper. This sleeveless dress attached to a skirt was easily changed and accessorized by wearing a different color or style of blouse beneath.

Dresses or skirts were typically always at least knee-length and often covered the whole knee. Full skirts were still the style at this time, and dresses were typically in soft colors and patterns. The sailor dress look was popular with young girls and teens. Snug waistlines were still the norm for dresses and skirts, but looser waistlines or no waistlines were just beginning to come into style.

Dungarees, or jeans, were only worn by women in the most casual of circumstances.