How Do You Determine If Shoe Repair Is Worth the Cost?


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A rule of thumb in determining whether shoe repair is worth the cost is to consider repairing the shoes if it costs less than half the price of new shoes. High-quality leather resoling costs $35 to $45, so if the shoes are inexpensive, it's smarter to buy new ones.

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Buying good-quality shoes and taking good care of them, including resoling and re-heeling when necessary, can result in them lasting five to 15 years. High-quality men’s heels can withstand seven to 10 repairs, and the heels on quality women’s shoes can last for up to eight repairs. High-quality uppers of both men’s and women’s shoes can last through numerous repairs.

The life span of running shoes is 300 to 500 miles or as a general rule, amounting to around six months for an avid runner or up to a year for a more casual athlete. It usually is not possible to repair running shoes because the cushioning breaks down with use.

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