How Do You Determine Ring Size?

To determine ring size, cut a length of string long enough to fit around your finger, wrap it around to make a ring, slip it off your finger and compare it to a sizing chart. Make sure the string ring is comfortable and comes on and off easily.

  1. Cut a length of string to measure your finger

    Using string, ribbon or thread, cut a length long enough to wrap all the way around the finger you want to measure.

  2. Make a string ring

    Wrap the string, ribbon or thread around your finger in a circle. Secure with tape or by tying. Make sure the secured string ring can slip over your knuckle without simply falling off.

  3. Compare the string ring to a chart

    Using a chart from a company, such as Jared or Zales, compare the ring you created out of string to the circles on the chart to determine ring size. The string ring should perfectly match the circle on the size chart for the best fit.