How Do You Determine Which Hair Color Is Right for You?


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Someone can determine which hair color is right for her by consulting a hairstylist or reviewing beauty magazines and seeing what colors she finds attractive. She should also consider her skin tone and eye color to determine what hair colors are the most flattering.

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How Do You Determine Which Hair Color Is Right for You?
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Someone wanting to choose a hair color that complements her skin tone should first determine whether she has warmer or cooler tones. People with warm skin tones usually have few freckles and brown eyes, and look best in earthy colors such as bronze, gold and earthy green. People with cool skin tones often blush easily and look best in vibrant jewel tones such as pink, blue and silver. Someone with warm skin tones should stick with a warm hair color. Likewise, someone with cool skin tones should stick with cool hair colors.

Eye color should also be taken into consideration when choosing a hair color. There are many websites and apps that allow someone to upload a picture of themselves and try different hair colors. This allows her to see which hair colors complement her eyes or makes her eye color "pop."

Hair professionals and stylists are always a great resource that can assist with choosing a shade if someone is still unsure.

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