How Do You Determine What Hair Color Is Best for You?

Determining the best hair color for anyone starts by determining the tone and shade of the person's skin, which complements hair color. Skin tone is described as deep, cool or warm, and skin shades are grouped as fair, medium, olive or dark.

The fairer the skin, the lighter the hair color can be, InStyle recommends. Warm skin tones are complimented by honey or strawberry shades of blond, while platinum or champagne blond flatters cool skin tones.

A medium shade of skin compliments many different hair colors successfully. Warm tones look best in copper or caramel-infused colors that pick up on the natural glow of the skin. For cool skin tones, ashy or wheat blond and rich brown are good hair color choices.

Olive skin shades can wear dark, rich hair colors. Cool tones should choose colors that balance the green undertone of the complexion such as auburn, cinnamon or chestnut brown. Rich ebony, brown or purple-based colors are appropriate for warm tones.

Those with dark skin shades should strive for contrast with their hair color. Warm tones look great in hair colors such as mahogany and golden browns. Espresso or deep black are excellent hair colors for cool skin tones.