How Do You Determine Your American Apparel Size?


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Visit the American Apparel website and use their sizing charts to look up the appropriate clothing sizes. Their sizes are based on inches measurements of the chest, waist and inseam.

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How Do You Determine Your American Apparel Size?
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  1. Measure the chest
  2. Wrap an inches tape measure around the widest part of the chest. For men and women, this is usually at the nipples. Record the measurement. The chest measurement is necessary for shirts.

  3. Measure the waist
  4. Wrap a tape measure around the natural waist or where the waistband of pants normally rest on the hips. Record this measurement. This measurement is necessary for both shirts and pants.

  5. Measure the inseam
  6. Place a tape measure at the bottom of the inside leg seam, and run it up along the inside of the leg to the bottom of the crotch. This is the inseam measurement for the pant's length. Record this measurement.

  7. Check sizing charts
  8. Visit American Apparel and click on the sizing chart on the desired clothing item page. Compare the recorded numbers to the inches measurements on the chart. Find those that are closest to the recorded numbers, if not slightly larger. Then, look at the associated clothing size at the top of that column. This is the appropriate American Apparel size for those measurements. Never pick a size with smaller measurements, as it will not fit.

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