How Do You Detect Fake Oakley Products?


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Fake Oakley glasses can be identified by differences in markings, construction and composition, according to eBay. To avoid buying fake Oakley sunglasses, visit a local Oakley dealer or sunglasses store to note the authentic details of the glasses.

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Spot fake Oakley sunglasses before purchase by noticing whether the sunglasses look fake at first glance. If they do, it is likely that they are fake. When buying the glasses from an online store, such as eBay, check the seller's history, feedback and return policy to see how long the seller has been selling Oakleys. Disreputable buyers typically offer these sunglasses at exceptionally low prices compared to the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

If you have already bought a pair of Oakley sunglasses, you can determine if they are fake by noticing the quality of the case, lens fit and plastic consistency. A missing certificate of authenticity and warranty card also indicates the sunglasses are fake. In addition, if the lens wiggles slightly when it is moved or the sunglasses feel rubbery or soft, the pair of Oakley sunglasses may be counterfeit. According to Overstock.com, "If the sunglasses you purchased didn't have a case or the case appears to be cheap and lacks logos, you may not have purchased authentic Oakley sunglasses."

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