What Is a Detangler for African American Hair?


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African American hair tends to be very coarse and has very tight curls. A detangler that is suitable for this type of hair should be fortified with conditioners to loosen the curls slightly while preventing frizziness.

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What Is a Detangler for African American Hair?
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According to the Black Girl Long Hair website, there are several products that can effectively detangle African American hair. One example is U R Curly Quinoa Protein Conditioner, which contains menthol to provide a cool sensation on the scalp while detangling. The product can also keep the hair from getting tangled during washing.

Knot Today conditioner from Kinky Curly is another product that can get rid of the tangles in African American hair. The product is lightweight and conditions the hair to give the coif a shiny and healthy appearance.

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