How Do You Detangle Matted Hair?

detangle-matted-hair Credit: jessica lewis/Moment/Getty Images

To detangle matted hair, apply smoothing serum to the bottom two inches and brush gently. Apply serum to the next two inches and brush again. Repeat this process until the tangles disappear. Use a brush with flexible bristles or a heavy plastic comb. For extra protection, mist an anti-breakage spray over your hair before brushing.

Another way to detangle matted hair is to take a steamy shower and saturate the matted sections with a thick conditioning balm. Brush the conditioner through with a silicone brush, hair pick or comb. Wet hair is delicate and easy to snap, so use soft strokes and do not hurry.

Proper hair care prevents serious tangles because it smoothes and seals the strands. After washing and conditioning your hair, twist the excess water out of it with your hands. Wrap your hair in a soft towel and squeeze again. Do not twist the towel into a turban or use it to scrub your hair. This roughens the hair, reduces shine and encourages tangling.

Improper heat styling is a common cause of rough, damaged, tangle-prone hair. Apply a liberal dose of protective spray before you blow dry or iron your hair. Limit heat styling to once or twice a week, especially when your hair looks dry, dull and damaged.