How Do You Design a Tattoo?


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Tattoos are best designed by using the favorite colors and details of the person to create a personalized, unique piece that suits their personality. Consider the placement of the tattoo to determine its size and visibility.

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How Do You Design a Tattoo?
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Use tattoo books, magazines, websites and art tomes in the beginning stages of tattoo planning to form an initial idea. Customize the final idea by incorporating personal beliefs, interests and hobbies into the design. Choose whether to create a black and white tattoo or one with colorful inks. Sketch the final work once these decisions have been made, or ask an artistic friend or tattoo artist to draw the design. Use a computer program as an alternative method of creation.

Find a good tattoo artist to complete the tattoo once the design is ready. Visit various parlors and ask about each artist's previous work, license and fees, or research the artists online. Ask friends and family for recommendations for reputable artists. It may be helpful to ask the artist for suggestions to help improve the design if necessary before making it permanent on your body. Consider an apprenticeship or a tattoo course to design tattoos on a professional basis. A portfolio, license to operate and other requirements may be necessary before becoming a tattoo artist, according to local laws.

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