How Do You Design a Pinup Girl Tattoo?


The pinup girl is considered an old-school tattoo design. To design such a tattoo, you need images of pinup girls and pinup girl tattoos, paper, pens and pencils.

  1. Choose a pinup girl

    Conducting a quick image search will give you thousands of results for pinup girl inspiration. It is not necessary to choose a real pinup girl as the model for the tattoo. However, decide on hair color, hair length, eye color and ethnicity.

  2. Determine a pose

    Pinup girls are typically depicted looking over the shoulder, leaning against a wall or playing with their hair. Decide on her pose and whether she will be featured full-body, half-body or from the shoulders up.

  3. Select a location for the tattoo

    Pinup girl tattoos were traditionally done on the biceps. However, current trends also favor the thigh and the ribs. The location determines the size of the tattoo.

  4. Sketch the design

    Sketch your idea of the tattoo. Pinup girls typically have wide eyes and pouty lips, so focus on those areas. Check out the websites of tattoo artists for inspiration and technique. .

  5. Add details

    Common themes for pinup girls are hula, sailor, Native American, patriotic and boudoir. Choose a theme, and add details to the tattoo that reflect it.

  6. Consult a tattoo artist

    What is drawn on paper may not translate directly to the curves of the body. Once you have a rough sketch, talk to a tattoo artist about the design.