How Do You Design Personal Script Fonts for Tattoos?


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Script fonts for tattoos can be designed using online lettering resources like TattooDesign.com and Tattoo Lettering. The websites offer free access to a range of fonts that can be used to spell out words or phrases, and Tattoo Lettering even boasts the ability to print the lettering to use as a template.

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TattooDesign.com provides a range of font types such as Greek, Medieval, handwritten script and more. Examples of the different fonts can also be seen on the design page. To create a design, simply access the website and type a word or phrase into the script input box, which is located at the top of the page. The lettering will appear in a larger box below the script input box. The selection of font choices are located below the visual and can be selected before or after the lettering has been input.

The Tattoo Lettering platform operates in the same manner as TattooDesign.com but also allows the user to choose a font size. The font type, font size and word or phrase must be entered before the design will appear in the visual box: once all necessary information is entered, click the box Generate Your Tattoo to see the design. The lettering can then be preserved by downloading it, printing it or downloading the font.

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