How Do You Design Your Own Star Tattoo?

Star tattoos have a variety of meanings, from the protection of nautical stars, to the good luck of shooting stars. To design your own star tattoo, you need access to tattoo images, a pencil, paper and enough time to ponder the design.

  1. Set aside thinking time

    Tattoos are permanent, so you don't want to rush the design. Set time aside to think about important questions, such as what stars mean to you and what memories you have of stars.

  2. Choose the placement of the tattoo

    Star tattoos can be tiny or large. Choose where the design is going, which ultimately dictates the final size of the tattoo.

  3. Research star tattoos

    Check out websites and various tattoo publications for ideas. Looking at graphic images of stars helps you get an idea of what's possible in tattoo art. The depicted stars might also give you inspiration for your own design.

  4. Create a possible sketch

    Even if you aren't a gifted artist, use the images in your mind to sketch out an idea for the tattoo. Modify the graphics found on tattoo websites. Alternatively, use photo modification software, such as Photoshop or GIMP, to create a design.

  5. Consult a tattoo artist

    Once you have your ideas in mind, talk to a tattoo artist. Tattoo artists have a lot of experience with what's possible when inking the skin. They can also take your rough sketch and turn it into a tattoo-worthy image.