How Do You Design a Memorial Tattoo?


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To design a memorial tattoo, decide which elements you want to include. Memorial tattoos typically feature religious imagery, angels or even death images. They often include text as well. However, you can choose to design a tattoo that reflects the personality of the deceased individual or some aspect of your relationship.

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How Do You Design a Memorial Tattoo?
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While the memorial tattoo ought to be a reflection of the person being memorialized, it should also fit your personality. Memorial tattoos commonly incorporate an angel or angel wings, a cross, an image of a saint of Jesus with name, birth and death dates and an inscription such as "In loving memory."

However, more striking memorial tattoos incorporate other imagery as well. For instance, some mothers choose to memorialize the passing of a baby by tattooing baby feet or an infant cradled in their hands. Soldiers sometimes get memorialized with their gear standing alone. A cowboy hat tipped on a cross is another unique design. Think about what made that person special to you and create an image for that person.

Talk to the tattoo artist, especially those who have done memorial tattoos. If you want to incorporate an angel, pool cues and lyrics from a song, the tattoo artist can help you create a harmonious design. Another option is to get a portrait of that person as a tattoo. Make sure to choose a tattoo artist proficient in the art of portrait tattoos.

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