How Do You Design a Libra Tattoo?

How Do You Design a Libra Tattoo?

Libra is an astrological sign associated with scales. To design a Libra tattoo, brainstorm designs, sketch your ideas and consult a tattoo artist. Designing a Libra tattoo takes as little as 15 minutes and requires colored pencils and paper.

  1. Select the location for the tattoo

    Where you get the tattoo dictates the size and design. An arm tattoo must be smaller and simpler than a tattoo on the back. If you already have tattoos, think about how the new tattoo will work with your current art.

  2. Research Libra tattoos

    Visit websites such as Tattoo Easily or Free Tattoo Designs on which people post pictures of their tattoos. Libra tattoos can be a simple set of scales, an elaborate scene or a sketch of the symbol for Libra.

  3. Sketch your idea

    Don't copy someone else's tattoo. Instead, use the images for inspiration to design your own graphic. For a small location, consider the Libra symbol or simple scales. For a larger area, consider adding people or animals. Many people include a maiden or symbols for good and evil. Wording can also be included.

  4. Add color and emotions

    If the tattoo is to be colored, add this to your sketch. Also write any feelings you have about the imagery.

  5. Consult a tattoo artist

    A tattoo artist knows how to fit a design onto the skin. Talk to the artist about your ideas, explaining the feeling you want the tattoo to convey.