How Do You Design Half-Sleeve Tattoos?


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To design a half-sleeve tattoo, it is most important to have detailed reference information. There is limited space in a half-sleeve tattoo, so it is important that the artist knows why the desired imagery is significant. This allows them to tailor the finished design to the wants and needs of the client.

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Detailed reference information helps a tattoo artist determine what style to use in the design, as well as what features to emphasize. It is also important to have open communications with the client. Images, photographs and other reference materials ensure that the finished product is one that the client and artist can be proud of.

Once the research is concluded and reference images have been accumulated, make a rough sketch of the tattoo design. Rough sketches help the clients understand the design process and are easy to alter. Once the client and the tattoo artist decide on a design, use a lightbox to create the finished design. Lightboxes help tattoo artists save time and increase the accuracy of their designs. Once the artist finishes the design, it is time to get the client's final approval. If the artist does not need to change the design, it is time to ink the half-sleeve tattoo design.

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