How Do You Design a Half-Sleeve Tattoo?

design-half-sleeve-tattoo Credit: Lorena Cupcake/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

You can design a half-sleeve tattoo by determining what it is you are passionate about. Draw ideas separately on a piece of paper. When you are happy with your drawings, cut them out and arrange them together on another piece of paper to create your sleeve.

  1. Gather your art supplies

    Gather three pieces of paper, a pencil, colored pencils and an eraser.

  2. Sit down and make a list

    Sit in a quiet place and make a list of the things you are passionate about. Consider the things that you spend most of your time doing and the things that stir the most emotion inside of you. Write down your ideas on the first piece of paper.

  3. Draw your ideas

    Search for images of your ideas online and print out your favorites, or draw your own images on the second piece of paper.

  4. Cut out the pictures

    Cut out the pictures you have drawn and the ones you have printed. Do not worry if there are ideas that you do not find images for.

  5. Measure your arm

    Measure the area of your arm where the tattoo is to be placed. Arrange your drawings and images on the third piece of paper in an area no larger than what you have measured. Rearrange your pictures until you are happy with the design. Glue the pictures down to secure them into place.

  6. Visit a tattoo artist

    Take your half-sleeve design and your list of ideas to a reputable tattoo artist. Your artist should refine your idea and create a half-sleeve tattoo.