How Do You Design Custom Lacrosse Pinnies?

How Do You Design Custom Lacrosse Pinnies?

Design custom lacrosse pinnies by using a pinnie template. Record the color choice, logo if used, player number and player name on the temple. Proofread the template before it is submitted for production.

  1. Find a template

    Lacrosse pinnies can be designed on a paper template or using an online template. On the template, add in all the information to be displayed on the pinny.

  2. Choose a color

    Specify what color the pinnies should be by choosing a color from the options available online. If a paper form is used, make sure the color is close to the selected color.

  3. Place names and numbers on the template

    Generate a list to show all the players and their respective numbers. If there are siblings or players with the same last name on the same team, determine how to differentiate between the last names.

  4. Select a graphic

    Decide whether there should be a graphic on the pinny. Use clip art or a picture of lacrosse sports equipment. Also determine the size of the graphic for the pinny.

  5. Proofread the template

    Review the pinny template to identify and correct the information before submitting it for production. Use another proofreader to ensure that all the players have a different number.