How Do You Design Cool Cycling Jerseys?

How Do You Design Cool Cycling Jerseys?

Cycling jerseys can be designed on paper and presented to a traditional tailor or clothing designer for production, or they can be developed online using tools provided by garment manufacturers that specialize in bicycling clothing. Owayo Inc., Eclipse Cycling and Carvalho Custom are some companies that offer custom- and semi-custom-designed cycling jerseys with optional design assistance.

Some companies allow customers to order single items and offer sample products for customer review. For example, Owayo Inc. offers an online Kit Designer for customers to design their own jerseys, including custom zippers, sleeve lengths and fabric combinations. Owayo's process ensures that logos and text are printed in ink that bonds with fabrics. The company also states that photo-realistic graphics are possible for logos.

Cycling Jersey Design accepts designs from customers by email and responds with a price estimate. The company expects a down payment and sends a photograph of the finished product before the customer provides final approval and payment.

Eclipse Cycling has an online design tool that offers nearly 20 different templates for the main patterns on the front, back, sides and sleeves of the jersey. The templates include flames, lightning bolts, stars and argyle patterns. There are short- and long-sleeved options, and customers choose colors from a virtually unlimited color palette. Eclipse Cycling can include logos, photographs and text, and promises to provide three design iterations for free.

Carvalho Custom has an online design simulator with three basic templates that customers can modify and customize.