How Do You Design Clothes at FP Girl?


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FP Girl no longer sells clothing for young designers to create. The website is primarily an online teen magazine. Previously, Fashionplaytes.com allowed girls ages 5 through 12 to design their own clothing online, with the option to preview their work to purchase or just save it to their hard drives.

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FP was a start-up that let young women design their own clothes and purchase their fully realized designs. Girls could design everything down to the accessories, ruffles, colors, sizes and styles. Prices ranged from $21 to $50, and the base price included a standard of two embellishments and a customized label. Girls could choose from garments like dresses, coats, pants, shirts and loungewear.

Unfortunately for fans of the site, the start-up shut down in May of 2014 without any explanation. Experts cite the inability to get the business to scale successfully as a probable cause, as it is a common issue for e-commerce companies. A portion of the FashionPlaytes team is now forming a new question-and-answer app called Crashmob. The company's founder, Sarah Mcllroy, launched her own jewelry line, also an e-commerce business, with the name Ella Sole. Like FP, the site also allows customers to design their own jewelry.

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