Does the DermaWand Really Work?

While the popular DermaWand does use radio frequency to tighten the skin, the amplitude and energy levels are not high enough to produce any real results. Makers of the personal care product claim that the wand can be used to tighten loose and sagging skin and to provide extra smoothness and tone.

According to Choice, the DermaWand uses the same radio frequency energy that is used by machines in dermatological offices. The energy, when used at a higher amplitude, stimulates the skin and penetrates the pores, which thermally massages the surface.

The DermaWand can be used to target specific facial areas, such as the lips, neck, eyebrows and chin. The manufacturer of the DermaWand device claims that its product produces the same effects as the radio frequency machines used by dermatologists. However, in a trial conducted by Choice, participants stated that they did not notice any improvement in the firmness or tone of their skin. While they stated their skin felt smoother and found the DermaWand easy to use, the improvement was only temporary. One of the participants in the trial did not like the smell that the wand produced and said that it was similar to the smell of burning flesh.