How Do You Depuff Eyes?

How Do You Depuff Eyes?

Depuff eyes with moisturizer, chilled compresses and creams or roller products. Minimize or prevent puffy eyes by watching salt intake, using sunscreen and modifying sleeping positions.

Apply a moisturizer to slightly damp skin to lock in moisture that, when wicked away, causes puffing. Look for eye creams that contain glycerin or hyaluronic acid to maximize moisture and minimize puffiness. Moisturize from the inside out by drinking plenty of water.

Chilled compresses reduce swelling and puffiness around eyes. To depuff, try a bag of frozen peas, a chilled washcloth or a teaspoon soaked in ice water. Cooled tea bags, especially chamomile, and chilled cucumber slices, soy milk or aloe vera gel reduce puffing by combining their natural anti-swelling properties with cold temperatures. Try refrigerating eye creams and moisturizers to amp up their puff-fighting capabilities.

Eye creams or eye roller products contain humectants and antioxidants, both of which provide puff-busting agents to the delicate eye area. Eye products with retinols can also help de-puff eyes, but may cause redness or irritation, so use them sparingly at first.

Prevent puffy eyes by making a few lifestyle changes. Limit salt and alcohol to combat puff-causing after-effects. If these things find their way onto the menu, drink even more water to help stave off morning puffiness.

Avoid UV exposure. UV rays break down support structures of the skin and cause wrinkles and sagging, which contributes to under-eye puffiness. Use sunscreen under eyes every day. Wear large sunglasses to protect delicate eye tissue.

Stop puffiness by sleeping face-up instead of on the back or sides. After a night of indulging in salty foods or alcohol, add an extra pillow to prop the head up. This prevents fluid from building up under the eyes and causing puffiness.