Do Depilatory Creams Make Hair Grow Back Darker?

Depilatory creams such as Veet, Sally Hansen and Nair do not make hair grow back darker; creams do not blunt the tip of the hair shaft like shaving, so hair is actually less likely to look dark and coarse when it is growing back. No hair removal process causes hair to grow back darker and coarser. This is just a common myth.

Depilatory creams like Veet and Nair are popular for avoiding stubble. Hair doesn't grow back as quickly as it does when an individual shaves, since the hair falls out, and is not simply cut. If hair does begin to look darker and thicker after removing, that could actually be a side effect of a medication, and it is worth speaking to a doctor about.

Some people prefer shaving to depilatories due to the strong odor of these creams. The trade-off is that they make the skin look smoother. One drawback is that depilatories can cause inflammation and redness, making them a less popular choice for those with sensitive skin. Most depilatory creams can keep hair regrowth at bay for as long as 2 weeks, depending on the individual using the product. They are also considered a less painful alternative to waxing.