What Do You Do When a Deodorant Makes You Smell?


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If a deodorant causes a person to smell worse, it is time to switch to another brand or consider going without it altogether. Studies show that a certain percentage of people do not produce any underarm odor yet wear deodorant anyway. If a person has dry instead of sticky ear wax, he is likely to be genetically free from producing smelly underarm bacteria.

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Sometimes physical activity or excessive heat causes a person to sweat excessively. A higher amount of sweat produces more bacteria, which leads to body odor. Experimenting with various types of deodorant products is often the best way to find one that interacts better with one's body chemistry. Deodorants without antiperspirants only mask any smell that is produced. Individuals who have trouble wearing deodorant because of the smell might want to try an unscented variety.

Going without deodorant for a period of time is a way to find out if it is necessary to wear it. Sometimes other factors, such as diet, can influence body odor. For instance, eating spicy foods that contain curry, cumin or garlic can alter body odor. Food and drinks that contain sugar and caffeine may also be the culprits. Another possible cause for body odor is hormonal changes.

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