How Do You Get Deep Waves?


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The key to getting deep waves is to grow out the hair by a process known as wolfing. Wolfing involves brushing often and using a moisturizing product and a du-rag or wave-cap to keep the waves smooth.

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It is best to start wolfing with a fresh haircut. How long the process takes depends on the strength and texture of your hair, but wolfing usually takes around 6 to 8 weeks. The hair must be brushed constantly. The longer the hair grows, the more time you need to spend brushing it. As hair gets thicker, you must switch to a harder brush. Comb with a rat-tail comb for about 5 minutes every morning and in the shower while the hair is wet. Combing helps build up your hair's thickness, resulting in deeper waves. Always brush and comb in the direction you want your waves to form.

The hair must be kept continuously moist and conditioned with moisturizing hair products. Always wear a du-rag or wave-cap to bed. If the hair starts to stick up, this is indicative of new growth. Use a cream or pomade to provide extra hold. When hair is no longer held by hair products, it is time to get a new trim. Let your stylist know that you would like your hair cut high enough that your waves are visible. A good cut for wavers is a #2, with the grain.

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