How Are Deep 360 Waves Best Achieved?

Deep 360 waves are achieved by correctly brushing the hair into small clumps that cluster together in lines evenly across the scalp. Having at least 2 months of hair growth, ensuring the hair is damp before beginning, and using a small amount of leave-in conditioner is the best way to achieve deep, healthy, 360 waves.

Although often associated with black men, 360 waves are suitable for anybody regardless of race as long as they have hair that is long enough to form into small clumps.

360 waves are formed by brushing the hair on the top of the head starting at the crown forwards, brushing the hair on the sides of the head at an angle towards the front, and the hair at the back of the head in a downwards motion.

A very stiff hair brush is the best type of brush to use, and individuals with particularly coarse hair often struggle to achieve a satisfying waved look. If this is the case, washing the hair with a good conditioning shampoo may prove effective, and softening the hair with a hot towel often creates more manageable hair. Very stubborn hair may also require the use of a greasy, waxy, hair pomade.