What Are Some Decorating Ideas for a Hair Salon?


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Hair salons can embrace a glamorous theme by using rich paint colors and finishes, decadent lighting and high-end furnishings. Alternatively, the space can mimic a spa retreat, complete with fresh flowers, water features, candles and soothing colors.

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Both AZCentral and Chron recommend choosing a theme that attracts the type of clients the proprietor seeks to serve. Geographical themes can work well when done tastefully. A salon can be designed around a city such as Milan, Tokyo, New York or Paris to evoke the vibe of that particular area. For example, a Paris-themed salon could feature artwork and photographs depicting Parisian landmarks.

Bold colors and large statement pieces can help fill the space. Oversized mirrors, eclectic furniture items and unique art pieces make any salon a more interesting place to be, but unnecessary clutter should always be avoided. A vintage theme can also work as long as it remains deliberate in appearance to avoid appearing dated. This can be achieved by using fresh finishes and adding vintage art pieces and furniture as decor items.

For a salon that caters to male clients, an industrial vibe works well. Rugged materials, such as distressed woods and metals for finishes and decor, help create this effect.

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