How Do You Decide If You Should Cut Your Hair?


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An individual who is thinking of cutting her hair should consider whether the new hairstyle is a good match for her facial features, which style complements her hair texture, whether she wants to add color and whether or not she is willing to adopt a new hair regimen to maintain the style. Professional hairstylists recommend bringing a picture of the desired hairstyle.

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Not all hairstyles are a good match for all facial features, but there are specific styles, such as the bob, that are a good option for all facial features. It's recommended that those who have long faces avoid hairstyles that stretch below the chin. Individuals with a round or short face should opt for a longer style.

New hairstyles are also dependent on the texture of the hair. Curly hair has a tendency to shrink and often needs plenty of moisture while gravity has to be taken into consideration with longer hair.

It's also a good idea to add some new color along with the new hairstyle. The same color that looks great with long hair might look less appealing with short hair. As for adopting a new hair regimen, a new style might call for more washes or the use of a new hair product.

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