How Do I Decide What Kind of Tattoo I Should Get?

How Do I Decide What Kind of Tattoo I Should Get?

Select a tattoo that will always have meaning to you. Make the decision without outside influences, and arrive at the tattoo parlor in a sober state of mind.

  1. Do some research

    Research the tattoo artist that you want to create your tattoo. Check to see if the artist has extensive experience, works in a sanitary environment and has done tattoos in a style that is to your liking.

  2. Think about the perfect design

    Think carefully about the design of your tattoo. Don't choose body art that you may not like in the future. Choosing an image that will always have personal significance to you is best.

  3. Make the decision on your own

    Don't let others persuade you to get body art that is similar to theirs, and avoid getting a trendy tattoo that you don't like.

  4. Prepare properly for getting a tattoo

    Avoiding drinking alcohol before getting a tattoo, as this keeps you in the right frame of mind throughout the process. Also, a professional tattoo artist may not give you a tattoo if you have consumed alcohol.