How Do You Decide What Eye Shadow to Use?


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Which eye shadow someone uses is based on their eye color, skin color, and hair color. The Indian Make-up and Beauty Blog explains that eye shadow should never match the eye color because this makes eyes look dull. Skin tone is usually broken down into two categories, warm and cool skin tones. Each skin tone has specific colors that work best.

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Individuals with eyes that are brown or hazel can wear almost any eye shadow color, while those with blue eyes can wear pink, orange, peach, purple, coral, wine, gray, and silver, which is one of the few eye shadow colors that people with brown eyes should avoid. Individuals with green eyes can choose colors that have red undertones to complement their eye color.

If a person has warm skin tones, she can use eye shadow colors like bronze, ivory, taupe, light brown, pink, soft green, or coral, while people with cool skin tones can try silver, pale blue, lilac, teal, dark green, turquoise, or gray.

An individual's hair color affects which eye shadow colors work best for her. People with brown or dark colored hair can use the same eye shadow colors as people with brown or hazel eyes, while people with blond hair generally have fair skin tones, so they can use pinks, grays, black, gold, blue and greens.

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